Depending on your activities, most are done rain or shine (think glacier hikes, snorkelling, and a Golden Circle tour). But you can also experience cold, dark nights where the magical Aurora borealis dance in the skies! Since this tour is popular and a small group experience, it tends to sell out in advance. In September the daily average temperature sits around 7°C. Here you'll explore two of my favorite waterfalls in Iceland (seljalandsfoss and skógafoss) and then hike on one of Iceland's largest and most beautiful glaciers. Here is my quick description of it: The Golden Circle is a beautiful driving route in Iceland. Chance of snow 40%. So to see the Northern Lights, you'll definitely want to drive a few minutes outside of Reykjavik. This is a small group experience (max 12. travelers per group) since we all no that nobody enjoys large crowded touristy tours. However, the Icelandic weather is famous for being fickle, so you should always expect rain, regardless of the season. The answer to that is techically yes, but it's extremely rare since the city lights make them almost impossible to see. We have updated our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Come see Iceland in one of the best months it has to offer. Low 24F. September might just be the best month to visit Iceland. The average sunshine is 155 hours and the average precipitation is 62 mm. When you travel to Reykjavik in September you can expect: repeatedly rain, seldom fog The range of average daytime temperatures … You've made you're way aaaall the way to Iceland. Get the monthly weather forecast for Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. Weather phenomena recorded in previous years in Iceland ☃ Water Temperature in localities in Iceland ☀ Weather forecast for Iceland in September ☔. If not, no worries. Average Weather during September in Reykjavík (Capital Region), Iceland. Just remember that the weather in Iceland can be extremely unpredictable (even in the summer), so all forecasts should be considered best guesses. September has plenty of daylight hours allowing you to fill … September is a fantastic month to see the northern lights. Weather in Iceland in October October is a cross-over and a transition month in Iceland. Now we start to see a drop in temperature and increase in rain but like with anything else when it comes to Icelandic weather this … Nor'easter to unleash 1st blizzard of season in New England, Daily coronavirus briefing: 102-year-old woman beats COVID-19 twice, Photographer captures rare, fleeting phenomenon during majestic sunset, Podcast: New England snowstorm this weekend. This awesome tour combines adventure and sightseeing. Some attractions and hotels close around the first or second week of September, so more planning is needed if you are traveling … In August, the average temperature is 10.3 degrees Celsius. Daytime temperatures usually reach 9°C in Reykjavik, Iceland in September, falling to 4°C at night. The average temperature in September is 7 °C (45°F). THANKS for the read and we can't wait to see you soon in Reykjavik! The climate is … Weather in September. Get the monthly weather forecast for Reykjavik, Greater Reykjavik, Iceland, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. Weather in August. Spring in Iceland. How sunny is it in Iceland in September? My favorite thing about the weather in September is that you can usually experience the best of both seasons! Winds ESE at 10 to 20 mph. So at the end of the month, the sun will rise a little later, at 7:30am and set at 7:00am. Did you know that Iceland is among the best locations in Europe for Whale Watching? Most travelers driving the Golden Circle only stop at these three sights - and then drive back to Reykjavik. Even though the weather is turning colder, September is a great month to visit Iceland. The weather in Iceland in September Hello, rainy days. ​You can find more helpful blogs here or our best selection of activities to do in Iceland here :)​. It’s also the month where sunlight begins to decrease in the day and nights are dark again, which Icelanders enjoy after a full summer of … What to Pack for … On this tour you'll learn about Iceland beer history in the most fun way possible while exploring downtown Reykjavik and enjoying some of the best Icelandic beers. Daily high temperatures decrease by 8°F, from 52°F to 45°F, rarely falling below 36°F or exceeding 61°F.. Daily low temperatures decrease by 7°F, from 42°F … BEST THINGS TO DO IN ICELAND IN SEPTEMBER, Warm jacket (you get bonus points if it's waterproof), Hat and gloves can come in handy if the temperature drops, Bathing suit (for Blue Lagoon or Natural Hot Springs), A nice shirt if you plan on going out to eat or exploring the, Walking shoes that you don't mind getting wet (especially if you're travelling outside the city for any hiking or glacier activities. "Is it possible to see the northern lights in Reykjavik (the city)?". It is the month Icelanders welcome colder … Weather in Iceland in September Snow-topped mountains in the Berserkjahraun lava fields We visited Iceland in late September and the weather was distinctly wintery—it felt more like England in January. You could … January February March April May June July August September October November December; Avg. Find out more about the Glacier Hike & Waterfalls tour here. Daytime temperatures usually reach 9°C in Reykjavik in September, falling to 4°C at night. Why not add some incredible activities to your trip to ensure a truly unforgettable trip to Iceland? Lastly, the days become just dark enough for the magical Northern Lights to appear. This is the #1 Rated Food & Drink activity in Iceland on Trip Advisor. Daily low temperatures decrease by 6°F , from … The amount of rain in September … The Golden Circle & Secret Lagoon combo tour combines these two awesome activities: Incredible Sightseeing followed by relaxing/swimming in a natural hot spring. There are many words that can be used to describe Iceland. It’s also the month where sunlight begins to decrease in the day and nights are dark again, which Icelanders enjoy after a full summer of 24 hour daylight. In mid September, you are deep into "shoulder" season before winter sets in. Climate in Iceland in september Climate in Reykjavik in september In september, the mean temperature in Reykjavik is 49°F (maximum temperature is 52°F and minimum temperature is 47°F). There are normally 4 hours of bright sunshine each day in Reykjavik in … How sunny is it in Reykjavik in September? This you can simply feel in the air and see in the flora around. All of this takes place on Langjökull glacier (no worries, a pickup and drop off from hotels in Reykjavik are included in the tour.). September marks the transitional change from summer to winter. If you've done any research on Iceland, you've most likely heard about the Golden Circle. Iceland Weather by Month … Getting Colder Again! Autumn/Fall. You can have beautiful warm summer days. You can find everything you need to know about this tour here. And even though you couldn't drink beer, you were allowed to drink vodka, gin and rum? The weather varies in different parts of Iceland but in September, it changes often and is unpredictable. You can find my favorite Northern Lights Tour Here. I've lived in Iceland all of my life and have worked in and around tourism for the past 7 years. The aurora borealis are a truly special natural phenomena which I feel every traveller visiting Iceland in winter must experience. I would however recommend booking your spots with as much notice as possible. Here below you'll find the ones that I recommend to all travelers and friends visiting my beautiful country. Weather in Iceland in September 2020. The beginning of the month tends to have still those beautiful green summer colors, then at the end of the … As the month comes closer to an end, the days will get shorter. You'll meet a fun local guide and new friends from all over the world and explore Reykjavik, visit the best local restaurants and hidden gems in Reykjavik to enjoy some of the most delicious food found in Iceland ... what's not to love? … Find out more about the Reykjavik Beer tour here. There are normally 4 hours of bright sunshine each day in … Spring in Iceland While spring comes to Iceland in April … Cloudy with snow showers mainly during the evening. Did you know that beer was illegal in Iceland until 1989? The average high temperature in September is 11° Celsius (around 50° … And it should come as no surprise since the best way to experience a new city/culture is by enjoying it's delicious food. In September, the average low temperature is 43°F (6°C) and the average high is 52°F (11°C). Spring might be the best time of year to visit Iceland—aside from the busy tourist … So I've been blessed to have been able to try out and experience most activities available in Iceland. Read an overview of the climate. Temperature (°C)-0.2 0.5 0.8 3.1 6.6 9.2 11 10.6 7.9 4.7 1.6 0.1 But Iceland is famous for its quick weather changes, so don’t be surprised if one day you wake up to 25°F (about -4°C) weather … Climate in Nuuk in september In the month of september, maximum temperature is 43°F and minimum temperature is 41°F (for an average temperature of 41°F). But I would always recommend booking a northern lights tour to truly maximizing your chances. ​Let's dive into the blog - and I'll go over everything you need to know for an unforgettable trip to Iceland in September. The prices can be just as shocking as the weather if not more but … The average temperature in September is 7 °C (45°F). 3. In September, … Average Weather in September in Reykjavík Iceland Daily high temperatures decrease by 6°F , from 53°F to 48°F , rarely falling below 41°F or exceeding 58°F . Temperatures in September in Iceland are around 5°c – 10°c (41-50 Fahrenheit). My name is Egill, and I'm your local friend in Reykjavik! Temperatures can range from 6-11 degrees Celsius or 42-59 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, you can try to see them on your own. The Reykjavik Food Walk checks so many boxes. September marks the profound seasonal change and beginning of fall in Iceland. Some activities were touristy/pricey and overrated, some were good - and some were AMAZING. You can find more info and book your tickets for the Reykjavik Food Walk here. Travel guide and advices. On this tour you'll sail out for adventure with breathtaking views and the possibility to see wild Minke Whales, Humpback whales, Dolphins & much more. Average Weather in September in Akureyri Iceland. Not exactly tanning weather but particularly warm for Iceland. But as you might know if you've read my natural hot springs blog ... Iceland is FILLED with incredible natural hot springs with breathtaking surroundings and the perfectly heated water coming directly from the earth/ground. Snow accumulations less than one inch. September is off-season, which means traveller numbers begin to dwindle and prices for accommodation, tours, and flights drop. So if you're coming to Iceland in September - get excited! I've linked my favorite Northern Lights tour below. Towards the begining of September, the sun will be rising at 6:10am and setting at 8:40pm (14 hours of daylight.). The tour has a reasonabe price, the guides are great and the tour has experts that have monitored the Northern Lights / Weather Forecast extensively and will take you to the spot that has the highest chance of seeing the northern lights each particular night. Average Temperature & Daylight in Iceland in September. But cheap with a mild climate are not at all in Iceland’s vocabulary. ). Long daylight hours, but also dark nights. 2. The Reykjavik Food Walk is perfect for solo travelers, couples, friends, family ... pretty much anyone that enjoys having fun and eating great food! September in Reykjavik is influenced by Marine - Cool Winter climate. Women's slippers to keep your feet snug and warm as winter moves in, Seven natural remedies for chapped winter skin, AccuWeather School: How blubber helps animals stay warm in icy water. On this route you'll see the powerful Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall), beautiful erupting geysiers and Þingvellir national park. It departs from the harbour in Reykjavik, only a few minutes walking from most hotels and hostels in downtown Reykjavik. This is the time of year when you can see the Northern … Iceland is a wonderful country to experience, so why not in September! The weather is decent, prices are more affordable than just a week ago, and the Northern Lights are a show of delight.​. September. Weather in September Even though the summer is over September is definitely not a bad month to visit Iceland, the weather is usually calm and dry (average precipitation is 67mm) and the average … The climate is rather cold here in the month … The lowest temperature expected is 5°C and the highest is 9°C. The average minimum temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in Reykjavík in September is 5.0°C (41°F). Find out more about the Whale Watching from Reykjavik tour here. The Moon phase calculator shows exact times of the various moon phases for Reykjavik, Iceland in year 2020 or in other locations and years. Temperature of water and air, precipitation, amount of days with rain and advice on the best time to visit Iceland. As for the weather, you can expect the temperature in Iceland in October to be as low as 2 degrees … Get AccuWeather alerts as they happen with our browser notifications. For more information, we’ve put together a separate, substantial post about Icelandic weather. Let me help you make your trip to Iceland absolutely unforgettable! © 2020 AccuWeather, Inc. "AccuWeather" and sun design are registered trademarks of AccuWeather, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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