During tough economic times, contractors are cutting back throughout their organizations including resources attributed to safety. Take the Class Request Information Learn how to train your forklift operators for safe operation and meet OSHA requirements. NSC curriculum is leading-edge. The OSCA slogan is "working together for a safe & secure workforce", but describes its core value as "listening and responding to the needs of our customers." Safety programs are generally fragmented and difficult to administer, manage and organize as well as costly to maintain. This leads to thousands of training courses from multiple vendors, a daunting number of training expiration dates to track and file cabinets full of paperwork to archive for verification and audit by varying governing entities. It's an area where costs can be cut and go somewhat unnoticed because safety is an intangible. We are excited for the opportunity to be working together collectively for a safe and secure California.". OSCA recently finished construction on their new facility in Martinez, California to serve the Norther California region. Welcome OSCA! For your convenience we have classes on-line and in a classroom. 24-hour live customer support, training courses streamed directly to your home or office, instructor-led courses taught by seasoned professional instructors, five training rooms to teach up to 160 students at a time, instructor led training courses at company sites, up to 100 computer stations that offer over 300 computer-based training courses, drug & alcohol testing with over 3000 collection sites throughout the United States, world class data management to efficiently administer and archive all information in one convenient, secure, online program. Safety Training NSC courses can help you reduce injuries, build a safety culture and stay compliant. And the vital link to tie it together is that all data for each worker is tracked and archived in one secure online data management program. OSCA provides a means for employers to increase the efficiency of their training programs, eliminate the confusion of outsourcing to multiple vendors, and reduce the challenges of organizing and managing it all. It begs the question, "What is a safety council?" World's largest annual safety event will be virtual in March. Visit our Lake Charles or Sulphur locations for training. Training & Event Calendar; Classroom Training Catalog. We focus on eliminating the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths. What does OSCA offer? NSC is a recognized leader in occupational first aid training. Safety Managers are most effective in the field, but often are too busy to maintain this focus. And it goes on, but those are the highlights. Update on Safety Council Services Amid COVID-19 Concerns We are open! We focus on eliminating the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths. Our one-day course teaches candidate instructors how to develop and deliver complete in-house training … Copyright ® 2020 Occupational Safety Councils of America. National Safety Council- Defensive Driving 4 Hour Course. Take quality virtual face-to-face safety training from the comfort of your office, home or wherever you are! Login. Enhanced safety protocols for attendees can be viewed here. Category: OTI Training. “It takes a community to raise safety awareness and we are proud to be … The Minnesota Safety Council is offering limited in-person, socially-distanced classroom training. Workplace Safety: Safety training falls under essential services, contact our Training Coordinator at wsp@psc411.com to help clarify any questions on training and safe delivery options. It also offers state-of-the-art online data management that securely archives and tracks all employee information for easy "real-time" verification and audit. (925) 335-5000, About Us | Compliance Services | Safety Training | OSHA News | Blog | Links | Contact Us, Sitemap | Log In | Resources | Privacy | Training Partners | Security Plus. We focus on eliminating the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths. Susanne Wilson, Northern California Regional Manager for OSCA explains, "Without quality regulatory compliant safety training, employers are at risk for high injury rates and fines that can cost them considerably - potentially even their businesses. You can also contact the local community college in your area. The Industrial Safety Training Council is an organization dedicated to a safe and secure work environment by serving our customers and our communities through excellence in compliance, training… Evergreen Safety Council offers traffic control flagger classes at least once a month in Kirkland and sometimes Tacoma, Seattle, etc. In addition to nationally recognized courses, American First Responder offers a number of state-certified programs that align with specific state regulations. The North Florida Safety Council offers many classes to help improve your safety on the road. The National Safety Council is America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate. The Occupational Safety Councils of America (OSCA) is a full service safety council that provides a one-stop source for safety training, including Cal OSHA training, as well as drug & alcohol testing and other medical compliance services. COVID-19 Operations at the Safety Council of Greater St. Louis Yes, we are open and adhering to the following standards of safe and healthy operation: 1. Enhanced safety protocols for attendees can be viewed here. Please let us know you are interested in this course. We set the standard for helping people improve their skills to more productively and safely operate on the … It is certainly no accident that this company is growing. As safety training and substance-abuse testing are outsourced to different vendors, there's no cohesive standard for quality or efficient means by which to organize, track, verify and audit. Safer drivers, safer roads. Many companies have Safety Managers that are providing safety training, tracking, regulatory compliance and many other duties that are necessary, but time consuming. If the class you require is not available on … 1805 Arnold Drive Martinez, CA 94553 Courses Price Purchase; LA County Online Defensive Driving Course: $75.00: Add to Cart: Curso de manejo defensivo en Internet de Los Angeles: $75.00: Add to Cart The Minnesota Safety Council is offering limited in-person, socially-distanced classroom training. We will also continue to offer virtual and hybrid training. You Can Now Register Online for Training! This provides a verifiable means for a worker to prove they are properly trained for the job they are performing. Phone: Fax: (602) 277-5485 Email:main@acnsc.org Armed with the latest research, NSC experts start by incorporating OSHA compliance regulations into the courses they design. Carla Mancera Strachan of Tesoro stated, "To have one source capable and responsive to the needs of our contractors is like a dream come true!". A well-trained substance-abuse free workforce is imperative to safety. It was complete with a ribbon cutting ceremony performed by Mayor Rob Schroder and attended by refinery owners, contractors, as well as employers representing various industries. We are proud of our growth and the timing for opening in Northern California has worked out perfectly. OSCA provides a unique solution to them by partnering to provide safety programs that are convenient, cost efficient and easy to manage.". National Safety Council is the premier provider of defensive driver training in the nation. The Florida Safety Council's in the car training program is designed for drivers of all ages in pursuit of a Florida Driver’s License, or simply in car driving instruction as a refresher. WTSTC is a non-profit training organization that was established in 1994 by the Permian Basin oil industry to provide safety training to area workers. This One-On-One, personalized, hands-on training … During these times it is exciting to see companies emerging as the next wave for economic turnaround. Process Safety Management - Contractors 35.00 45.00 Respiratory Protection (Basic) 35.00 45.00 Scaffold Training (User) 55.00 75.00 Scaffold Training Competent Person 175.00 200.00 Safety … Because of the … Schedule Training/Manage Records Alliance Members & Partners - We're committed to providing a safe experience for our members. Dangerous work environments exist in industries like petrochemical, construction, mechanical service, agricultural and manufacturing, etc, where safety training is a required integral component to keep worksites safe and bring workers home to their families safely each night. Until now.... enter OSCA. Arizona Chapter, National Safety Council 16841 N. 31st Ave., Building 5 Phoenix, AZ 85053 Phone: (602) 264-2394 or Alt. But NSC courses go way beyond these basics to include global best practices to prevent injuries and death. View Distance Learning Courses ... Join more than 900 organizations and businesses across the state who know being a member of the North Dakota Safety Council … NSC safety training is trusted worldwide. Save lives, from the workplace to anyplace. The expectation should be that employees are receiving safety training that will help them evaluate the risks when performing their assigns tasks. The data management program also sends automatic email alerts at select time intervals to inform of upcoming expirations, offers easy online registration for training courses and makes it a breeze for companies to manage and administer their entire safety program. Such … Evergreen Safety Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with more than 88 years of experience. All Rights Reserved. Welcome to the Safety Council of Palm Beach County, Inc. We are a non-governmental, not for profit, public service organization, dedicated to safety, servicing Palm Beach County and all of South Florida … This undertaking can be a bewildering process to administer and manage. We … Driver Safety; CPR, 1st Aid, Health; Forklift; Workplace Safety; Supervisor Training; Sexual Harassment; Drug / Alcohol; Safety Networking; Senior Programs; Youth Programs; On-Line Training Catalog. Rio Plex Safety Council focuses on safety, integrity, customer commitment, respect, education, trust, teamwork, and community. Here is our schedule of virtual training … The Occupational Safety Councils of America (OSCA) is a full service safety council that provides a one-stop source for safety training, including Cal OSHA training, as well as drug & alcohol testing and other … All member training … HASC is a supporting chapter of the National Safety Council (NSC), bringing together two powerful safety associations to build a network of value and outstanding resources to enhance … The National Safety Council is America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate. Mr. Jass also explains, "given our unique relationships, OSCA is able to offer reciprocal training as well as drug & alcohol testing in Houston, Baton Rouge, Southern California and now Northern California. Depending on the position of each employee and the worksite location, the required training varies and every course has a different expiration date. OSCA also offers a personalized photo ID badge to each student listing the courses they have completed and expiration dates. to develop the new Alliance Emerging Technologies Center (Alliance ETC) to focus on the future of learning technology. Quality services that bring efficiency to businesses are always welcome, especially in tough economic times. OSCA has proven experience in the safety industry that led to a welcomed invitation to the Bay Area by the refinery owners. Our training curricula include most of the OSHA required employee training. Here is our schedule of virtual training … All who come into our office must wear a face … Building a safety culture begins with a well-trained workforce. Reduce injuries, improve efficiency, create a safety culture. This is especially beneficial to the petrochemical industry that moves workers to and from various locations. We will also continue to offer virtual and hybrid training. Comments from attendees at the grand opening had a similar buzz of excitement, "We've needed something like this in the area," "the facility is beautifully designed," and "I had a preconception of what a safety council would be, but this blows it away." No classes are scheduled at this time. In addition, OSCA works with individual companies to tailor programs specific to their needs. Visit our Lake Charles or Sulphur locations for training. Schedule classroom training for your workforce. Committed to improving the integrity, efficiency and reliability of data, the Houston Area Safety Council provides online training registration and reporting plus contractor prequalification and access control … Forklift Safety Training. The answer helps uncover the value that OSCA has opened a facility to serve the Bay Area. Alliance Safety Council has acquired 11030 Industriplex Blvd. The current economy has us readily accustomed to news about employee cut-backs, downsizing, reduction and business closures. 866-699-2727   |   Contact Us   |   Get In Touch 10099 … CA-25 Hr Driver Education; Mature Driver Safety… Click here to view the ongoing safety measures being taken at our … Consider being a contractor with one hundred employees and each employee needs ten to fifteen safety courses. The National Safety Council is America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate. The Gulf Coast Safety Council (GCSC) is chartered by the State of Louisiana as a non-profit corporation, and our goals are to provide state-of-the-art, innovative training and support processes to your … Training. However, emerging in the midst of this environment is a flourishing new business by the name of OSCA, aka: Occupational Safety Councils of America. NSC‘s state programs are trusted by more traffic safety … The reciprocity between locations reduces redundant training for workers who need to satisfy requirements in each location. Save lives, from the workplace to anyplace. The National Safety Council is America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate. NSC Courses. OSCA brings a new facility, jobs and contributes a wealth of benefits to the safety and security of workers in Northern California. Safe Actions for Employee Returns (SAFER). This spans from opening weeknights and weekends to meet peak training demands to developing company-specific computer-based training programs to meet the safety training requirements of a particular company. Harvey Jass, Director of Corporate Development explains, "OSCA and its associative relationships deliver services to more than 10,000 contractors with over a half-million units of safety training provided every year.

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