Select the "Brush" tool, and in the options at the top, make the width whatever you want for the line. Apply it to curved path. The Fine Liner Brushes; 6 Stipple Brushes. 12 Short outline art brushes. Click your new Art Brush in the Brushes Panel. 4 Scribble and zigzag brushes. Select the "Pen" tool and use it to draw in the path for the first line where you want. 3 Dash brushes. With Adobe Photoshop, you can quickly duplicate your lines and make them parallel, ready to hold text or simply serve as decorations on your next design. To do this first choose a Brush that's about 5 pixels wide, this should match the width of the ribs pretty closely. 3. When creating a project or editing a photograph with Photoshop it can be helpful to use different line brushes to create different effects and features for your project. 4 Scribble and zigzag pattern brushes. Photoshop brushes in this bundle include textured strokes (good for text and line drawing), speckles, flicked paint, halftones, dry brush, scribble, and more. Brush strokes painted in one segment are mirrored in the others. 3 Parallel line brushes. Parallel Lines: Divides the canvas into three vertical sections using two parallel vertical lines. Since the ribs are straight lines, we can get Photoshop to do most of the work of painting the lines for us. Create a horizontal line of your desired thickness. Now select the "Path" tab and right-click the listed path. 8 Star and cross scatter brushes. 4 Hatched line brushes. • The Fineliner Tetxures – In ten varieties. Draw or select curved path(s). 1 Outline brush – use it for medium and long strokes. Radial: Divides the canvas into diagonal segments, or "slices". Make an art brush out of multiple straight parallel lines. 1. 1 Outline pattern brush – use it for medium and long strokes. 9 Short outline brushes. There are NINE Custom Brushes + ONE Monoline Brush with unique textures as well as modifications - That’s right, you don’t have to physically modify your Brush in order to get a different stroke! The other method, perhaps a better brushes. 4 Hatched line brushes. Draw parallel lines. Photoshop: Ruler tool to draw straight diagonal lines with brushes I understand that currently you can hold shift, click, and click on a diagonal point to create a diagonal line, but if you are using a pressure sensitive brush, it ends up looking like this: 5 Star and cross pattern brushes. We have compiled a list of some of the best and most beautiful high-resolution line brushes to … • The Fine Liner Brushes – 6 Stipple Brushes. 3 Parallel line brushes. By far one of the BEST advantages of iPad/Digital Calligraphy! Brush strokes painted in the middle section are mirrored in the left and right sections. Choose "Art Brush." Then with the Brushes Palette open, make sure the … 5 cross and asterisk brushes. Change the "Foreground Color" at the bottom of the toolbar to the color you want for the line. 2 Dot brushes. Select them all together and drag to Brushes Panel. 3 Tapered line brushes. 2 Star brushes. Select the layer with your line and while holding down the alt or option key go to Edit -> Free Transform or use the shortcut command alt/option + cmd/ctrl + T. The use of the alt key simply tells Photoshop you want to duplicate the object along with transforming it. 2. 7 Dot and dash pattern brushes. Well, good news for you because now you certainly can with this Parallel Pen Pack!

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