One of the most frustrating problems to deal with is a new application of gelcoat that refuses to harden and cure. Allow the gelcoat to cure overnight and then lightly sand it and buff it for an outstanding shine! Use Acetone for your cleanup. Proper gelcoat application requires you apply your coats about 15-20 mils thick, Mil Gauge. gel coat is just thickened and pigmented polyester/fiberglass resin. A gel coat is put on the cultured marble at the factory to give the product a shine and seal in the interior resins. Gelcoat is the coating sprayed up against a highly polished mold at the beginning of the fiberglass layup process. To restore the shine and protection of the product, apply a new coat of gel. But the real issue is UV damage which has broken down the resin and make for a chalking - porous - not good bonding surface. Unfortunately, I have had mixed results with the gel coat portion. Apply Gel Coat Paste that Matches the Exact Color of the Hull. If gel coat is not applied properly it ultimately can increase the cost of the product made, as often is the case, cutting corners in this process will not prove to be worth it. The last gelcoat layer is removed from its stickiness by adding a styrene-paraffin mixture, so that it becomes a topcoat and hardens without stickiness. Gelcoat is a resin system that is filled with colorants and thickening agents and applied to a mold surface to form the cosmetic and weathering coating of a composite part. You only need to let the layers gel, i.e., you work wet on wet. 5. Applying gel coat correctly is of utmost importance to making aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting end products. When one of our customers has a problem with gelcoat not curing properly, it usually stems from one of the reasons below. For many “do-it-yourselfers,” applying gelcoat can be quite intimidating. Why? Because unlike other owners, all you need to do is wash your boat and apply a quality wax. Gelcoat … Gelcoat is a dangerous, toxic substance used to waterproof, seal and bring a shine to things that are made out of fiberglass or wood. About Gelcoat. Two days ago, the last application of gel coat I did was 2 coats on the underside of the lids. This may entail some testing to get the right gel coat color. Correct application of gelcoat is critical to get the optimum performance from it. It not as simple as painting and can be somewhat difficult to work with. I purchased some laminating gel coat and PVA from West Marine last week, and sometimes the gel coat will cure and sometimes it wont. The fix is a solvent thinned eopxy primer like esp 155 which will firm up the surface and provide a good, fresh bonding surface. Just like other Polyester-based products, Acetone is the best cleanup material! Getting to the point of applying your color matched gelcoat is one of the last steps in finishing off your repair(s). This article will list the materials required and the steps required to apply a coating of gelcoat to your RV and finish it to a high luster finish. Apply gelcoat until a layer thickness of 1000 to 1500 my is reached. Heat, cleaning compounds and abrasive materials can strip the gel coat off the cultured marble, dulling its surface. In the video I mentioned that there were 2 common ways to do this; spraying or brushing.. using a mil gauge. Once you’ve got the right color, fill the sanded down crack with a pigmented gel coat paste using a putty knife. Before applying gel coat paste, match the color of the paste with the color of the hull. Gel coat is typically the first layer of a part to be applied. Waxing your boat now will protect that like-new look and head off a time-consuming restoration project down the line. Easy to paint.

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