Ballista Squad or Floodgate Trap Hole ASAP before it can steal a key monster like Shiranui Sunsaga. As a result, opening and setting multiple battle traps against Darklords can slow the pacing of the game down and allow one to eventually get the Shiranui combo game going. Upon destruction, Shiranui Shogunsaga can put Shiranui Spectralsword from the opposing banish pile back into the grave. one’s Fiendish Chains. As of the May 2020 banlist, it is actually very unlikely now for Elementsaber decks to have the fusion materials in hand to play around Artifact Lancea. Both tuners can be easily accessed from the deck via Shiranui Squire and Shiranui Solitaire’s effects, or special summoned from hand or grave by Shiranui Spiritmaster. This duel links f2p deck is completely f2p and does not require any money. Ballista Squad or she can spawn a Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Cosmic Cyclone can be chained to Black Whirlwind’s search effect and remove it from the field before the search resolves, stopping it entirely. Witchcrafter Genni: While not a Witchcrafter spell, Witchcrafter Genni’s effect in grave can copy any of the spell effects by banishing herself and the spell. Keep track of how many spells are in the Witchcrafter player’s hand. However, if there is lethal on board, then by all means go for it. In the former case, Revived King Ha Des’s effect will then prevent Elementsaber Molehu from changing its attribute in grave for an Invocation play later. Note that all of these cards are also just good generic cards vs. the entire meta. Thank you for choosing to support Duel Links Meta's development! DLM Pro members will also gain access to exclusive features. This is thanks to the technicality mentioned in the subsection on Shiranui Shogunsaga in “Core Cards”, where “return”-ing a card to the grave is not the same as “send”-ing it to grave. I have been playing this game for couple of days now and I'm planning to stay F2P. If Spiritual Beast Tamer Winda gets destroyed in battle while Revived King Ha Des is face-up on the field, then her float effect will get negated. The other key thing to keep in mind when using Burgeoning Whirlflame is the count of each Shiranui monster in grave. Rich Dog Accessories. Furthermore, Revived King Ha Des is a big pain for Spiritual Beast Tamer Winda, which is the main defensive card of Ritual Beasts. The skill Sealed Tombs alone shuts down many of the combo plays of the Shiranui deck. Watch out of course for backrow like Karma Cut when making the push. If one does not open with an Artifact Lancea or Forbidden Lance, then another way to play around Invocation and prevent the opponent from using it to banish one’s Shiranui Spectralsword from grave is to actually not synchro summon on the first turn. These discard traps make anti-backrow cards incredibly important for the matchup. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts One should keep an eye out for a potential level 6 or 7 synchro summon and be ready to flip down or destroy the tuner monster before it happens. Even though one might still take damage from Lunalight Cat Dancer, at least it will not be lethal damage from Lunalight Cat Dancer attacking twice. An optimized Shiranui build with multiple copies of ideal techs and backrow like Artifact Lancea, Ballista Squad, and Fiendish Chain benefits a lot from the extra draw, since it has a lot more power cards to draw into. One can also change up their plays depending on the Zombie monster in hand. Duel Links has been expanding its base of playable cards through the box sets that are seemingly being added on almost a monthly basis. You can remove the ads and support us directly by becoming a DLM Pro member. The backrow lineup might vary depending on what cards players own and what decks they expect to play against. Nine-Tailed Fox can be great in this matchup to clear away monsters hit by Floodgate Trap Hole or Fiendish Chain. However, with the Feb 2020 banlist hitting both Spell Specialist and That Grass Looks Greener, players have gone back to the more balanced builds of Shiranui, which play as a control deck early game before transitioning into a beatdown deck mid-to-late game. (3) Given how Shiranui can pop off once Shiranui Spectralsword is in grave, both players should and will try to avoid destroying the opposing Shiranui Spectralswords as much as possible. Flipping down Medusa, Watcher of the Evil Eye immediately on summon is usually the play, because it also stops the Evil Eye player from special summoning their Basilius, Familiar of the Evil Eye from hand. Forbidden Lance aside, generic backrow removal like Cosmic Cyclone and Night Beam, as well as the usual Ballista Squad, help a lot, especially for sniping off the Ultimate Providences. Shiranui Squire and Shiranui Solitaire each have a primary effect that activates on the field and a secondary effect that activates on banish. This play sets up Shiranui Spectralsword to be used next turn from the grave, which can actually pressure the opponent into NOT destroying one’s Shiranui Samuraisaga on their turn. If there is no other Fire attribute monster to banish in step (8), then one can banish Shiranui Solitaire and Shiranui Spectralsword Shade instead in step (6) to special summon back the Shiranui Spectralsword Shade. Hi, I'm Smartrai, a USA Duel Links Player. This is a 2-card, two turn combo that puts out a big Shiranui Sunsaga on the first turn for massive field presence and a second Shiranui Sunsaga on the second turn to destroy up to 2 cards on the field. Assault Blackwing - Raikiri the Rain Shower or multiple Raigeki Breaks and Karma Cuts. Fiendish Chain especially is the best card for stunning Darklords – that card can negate their attempt to copy Banishment of the Darklords or Darklord Contact while also stopping the big Darklord monster from attacking. Of the above-listed staples, the most popular choices are Artifact Lancea, Bad Aim, Fiendish Chain, Floodgate Trap Hole, and Paleozoic Canadia. essentially a free Offerings to the Doomed effect. Dragon’s Mirror started rising in popularity in Shiranui after the Feb 2020 banlist removed Enemy Controller and Treacherous Trap Hole from the deck, but fell back down to non-usage with the release of Ballista Squad in the Fortress of Gears minibox. Because she only negates monster effects on the field, tributing the monster that activated the effect with Ballista Squad will allow the effect to resolve successfully, since the monster has left the field. YuGiOh! Since Burgeoning Whirlflame does not have a HOPT effect, it can be used again afterward to trigger more Shiranui on-banish effects. These two cards can also just disrupt the Blackwing player’s synchro summons in general by flipping down their monsters and clogging their board. So do not be fooled by e.g. Needle Ceiling can often wipe the Blackwing player’s entire board since their deck relies on swarming the field with many monsters. Note that Pumpkin Carriage protects Golden Castle of Stromberg from targeting and destruction, so one needs to deal with it first before using a card like Ballista Squad or Cosmic Cyclone to destroy Golden Castle of Stromberg. These factors let the Shiranui player just sit on Shiranui Sunsaga until they gather enough resources to make a push, as the Blue-Eyes player can neither beat over Shiranui Sunsaga with their 3000 ATK beaters nor destroy him with Blue-Eyes Alternative Dragon’s effect. This is because Lunalights can use Lunalight Crimson Fox to lower one’s monster to 0 ATK and then get lethal by attacking that monster twice with Lunalight Cat Dancer. On one hand, a 2-card opening of Shiranui Solitaire + Needle Ceiling can potentially board wipe the opponent’s monsters while also setting up the deadly Shiranui Spectralsword + Shiranui Solitaire combo as mentioned in the Ballista Squad section and the “Mid-to-Late Game Combos and Plays” section. Assault Blackwing - Raikiri the Rain Shower, Early game, this effect allows one to synchro immediately with, This effect is by far the best option for getting, Mid-to-late game, this effect can tutor out a tuner to synchro with e.g. One can then tune Glow-Up Bloom with e.g. The key words to note here though are “main phase” – one can possibly play around Witchcrafter Masterpiece by trying to enter the battle phase early with a respectable board and pressure the opponent to do their Witchcrafter Masterpiece into Witchcrafter Madame Verre play early. Meanwhile, Darklords can special summon each other back from the grave and shuffle back cards into their deck to stall. To put it further into perspective on why Ballista Squad is so good with Shiranui, compare the card to Shiranui Style Swallow’s Slash, one of the most powerful cards in the Shiranui archetype. Duel Links. The Duel Links Meta website is currently supported by advertisements. vs. Necrovalley: This is the biggest threat of the matchup, often just stealing the game for Gouki. Not wanting to trigger the counter trap, one decides to simply set instead of going for a play with Shiranui Squire. Forbidden Lance is the most commonly used substitute for Cosmic Cyclone, as it is quickplay, allowing one to chain to and make their Shiranui monsters immune to cards like Floodgate Trap Hole and Fiendish Chain for the turn. use Artifact Lancea, let it resolve, and then activate the trap. The standard, balanced builds of Shiranui have the flexibility to run any skill they want, since the deck’s core cards are self-sufficient enough to get the game plan going without relying on a specific skill. Guide formatted and uploaded by RandomPl0x. While this will often not be the case, it can actually come up, though the Darklord player will usually set other cards as well to hide The Sanctified Darklord. Dark Magician since it lets one use cards such as Ballista Squad to destroy the Dark Magical Circle immediately upon activation. Much like the Elementsaber and Shiranui mirror matchups, Forbidden Lance and one’s own Ballista Squads shine here, with the former letting one protect one’s monsters from the traps, and the latter letting one unclog by tributing off any monsters that have been hit by Floodgate Trap Hole. Thankfully, Darklords have no inherent out to backrow and can get easily crippled by Fiendish Chain as well as battle traps like Wall of Disruption. You can only use each of these effects of "Magician of Dark Illusion" once per turn. YuGiOh! Thus, most players actually do not run Ghost Meets Girl - A Shiranui’s Story at all. Shiranui Sunsaga’s monstrous 3500 ATK means that none of the Darklord monsters can naturally run him over in battle. Popular Skills: See You Later!, Shadow Game, The Tie that Binds. Things get complicated however when one does not mill Burgeoning Whirlflame. This effect DOES NOT TARGET. The order in which one summons Shiranui Shogunsaga and Shiranui Squiresaga can actually be switched. Ballista Squad or Paleozoic Canadia. DLM Pro members will also gain access to exclusive features. Similar to how the “Core Cards” section is formatted above, this section will differentiate between “early game” and “mid-to-late game” plays to emphasize when a certain combo is best used. Forbidden Lance has a second use in this matchup in that it can possibly make an Invocation fizzle, similar to what happens when Artfiact Lancea is used. A combination of Artifact Lancea + e.g. Since Ultimate Providence is a counter trap, Forbidden Lance cannot be chained to it. Note that it is often easy to read when the opponent has Artifact Lancea in hand by its delay – if there are no activatable cards on board, but the opponent’s hourglass is still flashing, then there is an Artifact Lancea in hand. Needlebug Nest and Dice It). The first is its general use as a way to make one’s monsters immune to the powerful backrow that Neos - Invoked decks run, including Karma Cut and Raigeki Break. Revendread Slayer not only has his own built-in protection from destruction through Revendread Origin, but his effect on battle is another way to banish and trigger the on-banish effects of Shiranui monsters in grave. The Witchcrafter spells themselves also bring about interactions (or rather lack of interactions) that one needs to look out for: Witchcrafter Collaboration: If the Witchcrafter player uses this card on their Witchcrafter monster, then one needs to Toggle ON and activate disruptive backrow (e.g. Furthermore, when destroyed, Crystron Quariongandrax can steal one’s own banished Shiranui monsters and summon it to the Crystron player’s field. And of course, this play also gives the deck a Turn 2 OTK option with an immediate 4500 ATK Shiranui Shogunsaga. The general idea of how to break through a Darklord board is to gather enough resources to get through both a monster effect negation from The Sanctified Darklord and a destruction protection from Darklord Tezcatlipoca. A smart Dark Magician player will usually chain Magician Navigation to the effects of Shiranui Squire, Shiranui Solitaire, or Shiranui Spectralsword so that their Dark Magician monsters get summoned on Chain Link 2. In general, one needs to mill Burgeoning Whirlflame and have access to Shiranui Solitaire and Shiranui Spectralsword, with the latter usually accessed through Shiranui Squire or Shiranui Spiritmaster for the initial synchro summon into Shiranui Samuraisaga. Settings. (7) Red-Eyes Zombie Necro Dragon is another Synchro Monster that shines in the mirror. Like Shiranui Sunsaga, Archfiend Zombie-Skull also shuts down Cybernetic Overflow. Of these three, Revived King Ha Des is the most aggressive, as his effect negates the effects of problematic monsters like Spiritual Beast Tamer Winda and The White Stone of Ancients that float or generate advantage upon battle destruction. Gouki Twistcobra can just tribute off the Gouki that is being targeted by the backrow to essentially make it useless, and then the Gouki player can still attack with their second Gouki, which will have the combined attack of both. (2) Neos - Invoked decks run a much more dangerous lineup of traps, including Karma Cut and Ultimate Providence, which take advantage of the massive hand advantage that the deck generates. This matchup is favorable for Shiranui thanks to Shiranui Sunsaga’s high ATK and protection from destruction. Shiranui Squiresaga can apply a lot more pressure than Shiranui Samuraisaga, especially Turn 1, since the threat of her non-targeting spell/trap removal can force the Cyber Dragon player to flip up their Cybernetic Overflow early and use it suboptimally. the Neos part – is actually the most vulnerable and often lets Shiranui steal the win. (2) Level Duplication is arguably better the more optimized the deck because of the extra draw from Shiranui Shogunsaga banishing Shiranui Squire. Use Artfiact Lancea first and let it resolve, then Lunalight Crimson Fox can no longer be banished to stop targeting effects. Yugi’s longtime companion Dark Magician is more versatile than you might think. The following replay video shows a good case of this (and also nicely shows all the Shiranui Synchro Monsters coming into play) – in particular, Shiranui Shogunsaga forced out the The Sanctified Darklord and Darklord Tezcatlipoca (by banishing Shiranui Spiritmaster), allowing for Shiranui Sunsaga to get game: Note that while the above video was recorded before the Feb 2020 banlist, most of the plays made are still valid, though getting the necessary mills is no longer consistent. The opponent has. Play conservative with one’s spell/trap removal and backrow, bait out the opposing backrow, and wait for an opportunity to wipe the Gouki player’s monsters and push for game. Even then, Forbidden Chalice will not work if there are multiple Darklord monsters on board to copy The Sanctified Darklord. ; Visit our Patreon page and subscribe with your Discord name for $1/month. This means that one might actually want to consider setting Artifact Lancea as well. This play potentially gets the player another backrow to set, while also still setting up the grave for a level 6 summon with Shiranui Spectralsword next turn or even a Shiranui Sunsaga summon if Shiranui Shogunsaga goes to grave. Blue-Eyes, as a deck, just struggles against monsters with more than 3000 ATK in general, especially followed by backrow. The combination of a 5500 ATK Shiranui Shogunsaga and -500 ATK debuff from Shiranui Samuraisaga’s effect allows one to deal 4000+ LP damage by running over any opposing ATK position monster with 2000 or less ATK! This sets up the deadly Shiranui Spectralsword + Shiranui Solitaire combo as mentioned in the “Mid-to-Late Game Combos and Plays” section. This synchro climb also recycles Shiranui Spectralsword and puts it back in the grave for use again next turn, thus making Shiranui a very resilient deck that always sets itself up for follow up plays. When using one’s own Cosmic Cyclone early game, if the Cyber Dragon player has multiple backrow, then it is usually best to wait and chain the Cosmic Cyclone to Cybernetic Overflow instead of using it blindly. vs. a defensive Gouki Twistcobra play: Gouki Twistcobra‘s effect can be used defensively in two ways. Some of the following matchups are divided into two subsections: “Without That Grass Looks Greener” and “With That Grass Looks Greener”. ... versions appear at the same time and has lived through several bans and is one of the most consistent decks in all of Duel Links. Most of the time though, Doomkaiser Dragon will be stealing an opposing Shiranui Spectralsword to help synchro climb. However, for Fiendish Chain, one can afford to wait until Evil Eye of Selene is activated and lock down Medusa, Watcher of the Evil Eye before it resolves. If they chain the Magician Navigation to Shiranui Squiresaga‘s effect, then one can instead just snipe away the Dark Magical Circle. Banish Shiranui Spiritmaster: target and destroy an opposing face-up card on the field, i.e. This includes all of the starter effects (i.e. Duel Links. Popular Skills: Destiny Draw, Sorcery Conduit. Thus, one should also become super familiar with all the “Core Cards” to be able to see and make creative plays when needed. That Grass Looks Greener variants), since their effects require an already established graveyard. Shiranui Sunsaga is only one monster and thus cannot clear a full board of DEF mode Darklords by himself if he has already used his on-summon effect. Elementsaber Lapauila can be the more dangerous Elementsaber because he can negate one’s backrow. The Grass variant also does not have to worry about its disruption getting hit by Cosmic Cyclone. Hello! Typically, one wants at least 4 Shiranui Synchro Monsters plus another level 6 Zombie Synchro Monster like Revived King Ha Des or Archfiend Zombie-Skull. Because the outs to Necrovalley are relatively few, it is recommended to conserve one’s Cosmic Cyclone or Ballista Squads (and Bad Aims, etc) for the Necrovalley. Karma Cut can also be a great way to remove Shiranui Sunsaga, though be mindful that the opponent can bring him back by potentially banishing Shiranui Solitaire next turn. Anonymous. However, a more budget Shiranui build with weaker techs and backrow might not beneift as much from the extra draw – for those builds, the immediate Shiranui Sunsaga from Level Augmentation might be more valuable to make up for the lack of better techs and backrow. Most of the aforementioned Synchro Monsters are huge headaches for Shiranui, since they either bounce or banish, thus bypassing the protection effects of Shiranui Sunsaga and Archfiend Zombie-Skull. This spell also helps in the Invoked matchup as a way to potentially make an opposing Invocation fizzle. Witchcrafter Unveiling: This card makes one unable to respond to the Witchcrafter player’s Spellcaster effects once it resolves. Crystron Ametrix is especially dangerous because its effect switches all of one’s Shiranui Synchro Monsters to DEF mode, and of course, all Shiranui monsters have a weak 0 DEF. In the standard, balanced builds, Ghost Meets Girl - A Shiranui’s Story can be a nice, late-game recovery card to summon back the likes of Shiranui Shogunsaga and Shiranui Sunsaga from grave. To truly get the most out of Duel Links without spending a lot of money, you have to be efficient with your resources. On the first effect: if the banished monster were Zombie type, then all monsters that one controls gain 300 ATK PERMANENTLY. Usually, the opponent will only be able to summon one Invoked Purgatrio that turn, so getting rid of it can stop all their offensive momentum. See the “Playing with That Grass Looks Greener” section of the guide for a replay video of this in action. At the end of the day, the biggest factor to winning this matchup is patience. In order for us to continue bringing you fresh daily content, please whitelist our site in your ad-blocker. This usually leaves the Ritual Beast player completely vulnerable to an OTK if one has already established Shiranui Spectralsword in grave. This play sets up Shiranui Spectralsword to be used next turn from the grave, which can actually pressure the opponent into NOT destroying one’s Shiranui Samuraisaga on their next turn. Wenn diese Karte als Normalbeschwörung beschworen wird, kannst du: 1 „Shiranui-Spektralschwert“-Monster als Spezialbeschwörung von deiner Hand oder deinem Deck beschwören, zusätzlich kannst du für den Rest dieses Spielzugs keine Monster als Spezialbeschwörung beschwören, … As of the July 2020 banlist, Shiranui Squire is now Limited 2, which restricts the deck from using other, powerful Limited 2 cards such as Enemy Controller. The Shiranui deck playstyle often requires the player to adapt their synchro plays to the current game state rather than memorize bread-and-butter combos to win. This subsection is here to just give some brief tips against some of the more common, though non-meta decks on the ladder. A smart opponent will recognize when their Invoked Purgatrio can get disrupted though and might instead go into Invoked Cocytus to slow play. Vision HERO Trinity: This card is self-explanatory, being able to hit 5000 ATK and attack 3 times. Unlike Gozuki, Samurai Skull’s mill effect triggers on summon and thus cannot be stopped by e.g. Address recent meta shifts + Reformat for easier new player reading. Divine Wrath can be used to negate the same nasty effects that Fiendish Chain would in this matchup. This play is possible because Palace of the Elemental Lords can be help activate an Elementsaber monster’s effect once per turn, so the opponent must choose to either use it for Elementsaber Molehu or Elementsaber Lapauila. If one returns e.g. Then, the opponent can just banish Shiranui Spectralsword and Shiranui Shogunsaga from grave next turn for Shiranui Sunsaga. One would then have more resources to work with on Turn 4, such as Shiranui Spectralsword’s effect from grave. This will likely prevent the opponent from being able to activate Invocation come their turn because there are no Fire monsters in grave for them to banish. Blue-Eyes, as a deck, often runs many counter traps, such as Ultimate Providence and Divine Wrath, as well as Raigeki Break to discard their White Stone of Ancients from hand and summon a Blue-Eyes monster in the end phase. Going second and countering a typical Darklord opening board can be very challenging. Ideally, one goes first vs. Chaos Dragon Levianeer is the biggest threat of a Lightsworn deck, so Artifact Lancea can put in a lot of work here to stop Chaos Dragon Levianeer from coming out. Raigeki Break will stop his effect, if one cannot just negate it. Guaranteed means not relying on RNG, i.e. However, some of these popular choices can be replaced with cheaper (though less effective) alternatives such as Chaos Hunter over Artifact Lancea and Forbidden Chalice or Void Trap Hole over Fiendish Chain. Thus, it is often best to play conservative with Archfiend Zombie-Skull if one is playing against a Mako Crystron player. Join the Discord server (full access is not needed and is not granted by becoming a DLM Pro member). The only restrictions on synchro summoning with Shiranui are when one activates the on-board effects of Shiranui Squire or Shiranui Spectralsword Shade, both of which restrict one’s special summons for the rest of the turn to Zombie monsters. Artifact Lancea can also stop the fusion plays by being used before Vision HERO Vyon activates his ignition effect. This lets them always have another Gouki ready in hand to replace the one that they just lost. Both Aleister the Invoker and the Shiranui combo starters compete for one’s single normal summon per turn. Cosmic Cyclone can remove The Sanctified Darklord from the game if the Darklord player had no option but to set it. Note that the Blue-Eyes player has no more cards in hand after this, and so there is no threat of a second counter trap. However, Fiendish Chain, being a continuous trap, continues to apply its negation effect even after the chain link resolves. Since all the Shiranui core monsters have effects on banish, Burgeoning Whirlflame enables some explosive plays with a loaded graveyard. Kiteroid is the main nuisance when trying to push for lethal vs. Lightsworns. Duel Links Shiranui deck, Shiranui in the current meta, how to use. Alternatively, one can risk attacking into Superheavy Samurai Gigagloves if one has the backrow (e.g. Typically, one wants to save these cards for when the Dark Magician player tries to use Dark Magical Circle to banish a key Shiranui monster. Chain Shiranui Samuraisaga’s effect to Spiritual Beast Pettlephin’s bounce effect to prevent an exact lethal from Ritual Beast Ulti-Cannahawk plus the Ritual Beast Ulti-Apelio that gets contact fused. ... Duel Links, which packs to buy, which decks to build to reach KOG for new players. Gold Sarcophagus can be used to banish Shiranui Spiritmaster from the deck to trigger his on-banish effect on a Darklord monster, forcing that particular Darklord to use up its HOPT effect before being destroyed (assuming no Darklord Tezcatlipoca in hand). Note that Dark Magician players will often have live spell and trap negation mid-to-late game with Magician Navigation in grave. Popular Skills: Level Duplication, Mythic Depths, See You Later! The explosive way to play Shiranui is with a 30-card deck and That Grass Looks Greener to load one’s grave with Shiranui monsters off one card and then proceed to spam their on-banish effects with Burgeoning Whirlflame. Cosmic Cyclone is also worth mentioning in this matchup; chain it to Invocation and banish it so that the Elementsaber player cannot recycle it nor their Aleister the Invoker.

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