All sentences include two parts: the subject and the verb (this is also known as the predicate). It was the policy of the good old gentlemen to make his chileren feel that home was the happiest place in the world; and I value this delicious home---feeling as one of the choicest gifts a parent can, 20. Examples of bestow in a Sentence The university bestowed on her an honorary degree. Sentence examples for bestow. To confer on Prince Albert every honour that the crown could bestow, and to let him make his way gradually into public favour by his own tact, was the advice which Lord Melbourne gave; and the prince acted upon it so well, avoiding every appearance of intrusion, and treating men of all parties and degrees with urbanity, that within five months of his marriage he obtained a signal mark of the public confidence. To bestow anything concrete would have been folly. (965-972) was the first to bestow the right to wear the dalmatic on an abbot, and Pope Benedict VII. 2. Bestow In A Sentence Definition of Bestow (transitive) To lay up in store; deposit for safe keeping; to stow or place; to put something somewhere. Nor could you expect some sage old workman to take you under his wing and, 30. Most people chose this as the best definition of bestow: The definition of bestow... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Synonym Discussion of bestow. 32. sentence phrase. sfg-as-jbm; It's difficult to see bestow in a sentence . Poetry was to them a mechanical art that could be learned by diligent application, and the prizes they had to bestow were the rewards of ingenuity, not of genius or inspiration. In 1903 it was decided to bestow degrees on women, and in 1904 to establish women's scholarships. He afterwards became estranged from Philip, and, in 1303, was recognized as German king and future emperor by Boniface, and, in return, admitted the right of the pope alone to bestow the imperial crown, and promised that none of his sons should be elected German king without the papal consent. It has already been seen that Gibbon's early ailments all left him on the approach of manhood; thenceforward, " till admonished by the gout," he could truly boast of an immunity well-nigh perfect from every bodily complaint; an exceptionally vigorous brain, and a stomach "almost too good," united to bestow upon him a vast capacity alike for work and for enjoyment. The intention evidently is to bestow authority upon the fiction by connecting it with a story already known. Examples of bestow in a Sentence. An example of bestow is … 10 examples of sentences “bestow”. Example sentences for Bestow. BOB and argumentation later: " You bestow favor on your wife too. The medal is the highest civilian honor the nation can bestow. She wished to help him, to bestow on him the superabundance of her own happiness. 14. I humbly pray from Thine immense goodness and clemency, through the Blood of Jesus Christ, that Thou wilt deign to accept this sacrifice in the odour of sweetness; and as Thou hast granted me to desire and to offer this, so wilt Thou bestow abundant grace to fulfil it.". Meaning: Bestow a quality on. Sentence frame: Somebody ----s something on somebody. It derives from the Early English bistowen which meant "to give. Charters bestow special status to city and borough status to towns. As a minister of the Church he felt his duty and his interest equally concerned in the support of her cause; nor could he fail to discover the inevitable tendency of Whig doctrines, whatever caresses individual Whigs might bestow on individual clergymen, to abase the Establishment as a corporation. Opposite meaning of bestow During last night’s film ceremony, the Academy bestowed an honorary Oscar to the deceased composer. Bestow on an individual the useless and deprive him of the necessary, and you have the gamin. I thought I could bestow beauty like a benediction and that your half-dark flesh would answer to the … You should bestow more time to … 32: Feranor Steeltoe: we're hunting black drakes. Information and translations of bestow in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Sapphire: This stone is worn for protection and believed to bestow prophetic visions and knowledge. In the second book Philosophy presents to Boetius Fortune, who is made to state to him the blessings he has enjoyed, and after that proceeds to discuss with him the kind of blessings that fortune can bestow, which are shown to be unsatisfactory and uncertain. These beings later bestow the device on Wonder Woman in gratitude for saving them. He was ever ready to take blame on himself and bestow praise on others. Examples of Bestow in a sentence. Check the meaning of bestow. I thought I could bestow beauty like a benediction and that your half-dark flesh would answer to the … Sentence Examples for bestow. to give as a tribute or gift. 0 poorest Jesus, the grace I beg of Thee is to bestow on me the treasure of the highest poverty. It had become the practice of the Egyptian sultans to bestow all offices of importance on their own freedmen (Mamelukes) to the exclusion of the older amirs, whom they could not trust so well, but who in turn became still more disaffected. 2. What are synonyms for bestow? I would ask that you bestow defenses upon them to thwart his inevitable attack. Sentences with bestow. Sentence Examples The politicians used the trust's billions to bestow favors on corporations whose share prices needed a lift or to bolster a sagging stock market. Derivation: bestowment (a gift that is bestowed or conferred) Sense 3. He will make one man ungrateful, and a hundred men his enemies, for every office he can bestow. The Bednarik Award will be bestowed upon the nation’s defensive player of the year. Alternative word for bestow. The minor characters of the honest old Huntley, whom the Scottish king obliges to bestow his daughter's hand upon Warbeck, and of her lover the faithful "Dalyell," are most effectively drawn; even "the men of judgment," the adventurers who surround the chief adventurer, are spirited sketches, and the Irishman among them has actually some humour; while the style of the play is, as befits a "Chronicle History," so clear and straightforward as to make it easy as well as interesting to read. Mandarin Ducks: A pair of Mandarin ducks will bestow marital happiness and bliss on the couple when placed on the nightstand beside the bed. bestow in a sentence. An example of bestow is to give a medal to the class valedictorian. Sir, I think twas you bestowed some abuse of me tother day. What is the definition of bestow? Definition of Bestow. him, together with his invention of the planisphere, enabled him to solve a number of elementary problems; and he was thus led to bestow especial attention upon the position of the equinox, as being the common point of origin for measures both in right ascension and longitude. Examples of Bestowed in a sentence. The state of utter indigence to which Tennyson was reduced greatly exercised his friends, and in September 1845, at the suggestion of Henry Hallam, Sir Robert Peel was induced to bestow on the poet a pension of f200 a year. This principle was elaborated in the firman, issued on the 13th of February, by which the sultan conferred on Mehemet Ali and his heirs by direct descent the pashalik of Egypt, the greatest care being taken not to bestow any rank and authority greater than that enjoyed by other viziers of the empire. Politeness and a sense of honor have this advantage: we, 23. May the Good Lord fulfill you with His promises and bestow on you His many blessings. To bestow something in a natural way or to give funds that are needed to support a project. There was no real political freedom, yet none of the ease or security which enlightened despotism can bestow. Let her work for you in return for this; she don't ask alms, she only wants employment and a little kindness, and the best charity we can bestow is to see that she has both. bestow meaning: 1. to give something as an honour or present: 2. to give something as an honor or present: 3. to…. After Iceland had got home rule in 1874, the grateful people showered on Jon Sigur3sson all the honours it could bestow. They rather lead us to appreciate the motives which caused his contemporaries to bestow on him the honourable surnames "The Great" and "Doctor Universalis.". use "bestow" in a sentence I ask Allah to bestow his mercy upon those present here today. 3. Sentence with the word bestow _ bestow upon others_, and which we can bestow _liberally_ because by this very action we open the way for still greater supplies to flow in. Bestow definition is - to put to use : apply. Another common thought as to the origin of Boxing Day is that, in Britain, it used to be the day that wealthy folks would bestow boxes of gifts to their servants and other household staff. The confidence bestowed by his patron boosted his self-assurance and perpetuated his interest in becoming a professional sculptor. How to use bestow in a sentence is shown in this page. Sentence examples for bestow. These beings later bestow the device on Wonder Woman in gratitude for saving them. How do you use bestow in a sentence? In the absence of other competing interests his religious beliefs and duties occupy a much larger share of his attention than the votaries of many higher faiths bestow on theirs; and though his ethical range may be very limited, yet the total influence of his religion in determining for him what he may do and what he may not, brings the greater part of conduct under its control. "My greatest trouble," he says in the preface to the second edition of his Einleitung, " I had to bestow on a hitherto unworked field - on the investigation of the inner nature of the Old Testament with the help of the Higher Criticism (not a new name to any humanist).". Examples of Endow in a sentence. They avoided our glances as if we might, 8. That, sadly, is a market at work, and suppressing it would only, 29. Fifteen kegs of spirit had been removed and bestowed in … On the death of Johann Matthias Gesner at Göttingen in 1761, the vacant chair was refused first by Ernesti and then by Ruhnken, who persuaded Miinchhausen, the Hanoverian minister and principal curator of the university, to bestow it on Heyne (1763). What is the meaning of bestow? Sentence Examples for bestow. Synonyms: add; bestow; bring; contribute; impart; lend. Volta then proved that all metals could be arranged in an electromotive 1 Modern researches have shown that the loss of charge is in fact dependent upon the ionization of the air, and that, provided the atmospheric moisture is prevented from condensing on the insulating supports, water vapour in the air does not per se bestow on it conductance for electricity. use Bestow in a sentence bestow; [verb] to give as a gift, to give as an honor; In a great moment today for America, President Obama bestowed the medal of honor on Staff Sergeant Ryan Pitt. He appreciated the adoration Jonathan bestowed on him.

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