... Magic Double-sided Grip Tape Traceless Washable Adhesive Gel Nano Invisible Tape. It Looks Wonderful Pools offer … They’ll even stick to carpets! With the use of the H2O AquaBonder Glue (available individually or in starter … Anti Slip strip is available … Common uses are tiles, cement, walkways, catwalks, ladders, boat steps etc. AquaGrip AquaSafe Tape is a non-abrasive anti-slip tape that has a high level of grip with a different feel to the abrasive mineral composition of our UltraGrip tape. Manipulation during the production process gives it a rubber feel, meaning it has a strong grip and yet is kind to bare skin. We recommend applying the aqua non-skid floor tape in strips to create a ladder type effect. Part Numbers: AQS1E, AQS1N, AQS1S, AQS1T, AQS1W, AQS2E, AQS2N, AQS2S, AQS2T, AQS2W, AQS3E, AQS3N, AQS3S, AQS3T, AQS3W, AQS4E, AQS4N, AQS4S, AQS4T, AQS4W, AQS6E, AQS6N, AQS6S, AQS6T, AQS6W. After applying, you should allow at least a 12 to 24 hour cure time to achieve maximum bond. Tape resists water, oils, and grease. However, we do offer several application accessories to prolong the life of the tape. Member of the National Association of Truck Manufacturers. VersaTape is ideal for use on gutters, galvanized pipe, poly sheeting, PE fuel hoses, vinyl siding, aluminum, copper, glass, wood and foam, among other surfaces. 865 anti slip tape grip tape for swimming pool products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which adhesive paper & film accounts for 6%, skate board accounts for 1%. We also offer a less coarse non-abrasive known simply as Resilient. Kitchen, Stair, Swimming Pool… It is manufactured from a textured, embossed plastic creating high levels of Coefficiency of Friction (CoF). Cushion Grip Anti-Slip Tape. It’s plastic construction ensures dimensional stability, then the surface is embossed to create a texture to prevent … Coarse Resilient: Coarse Resilient anti slip tape is suitable for potentially high-risk locations… Anti-slip strip is a self adhesive, aluminium oxide tape that may be applied to any slippery surface. Aqua safe was the ideal solution for areas where abrasive anti slip materials could not be used, this could be in a place where the material could come into contact with bare skin often, or in a place where cleanliness is needed at all times like a kitchen, hospital, cleanroom or a laboratory. Ideal for bare feet and designed so that dirt or bacteria are easier to clean compared to a gritty product. * Adhesive products used on wood or coated surfaces may damage the finish. We are not accepting new orders for swimming pools at this time due to overwhelming demand combined with manufacturing delays and shut downs as a result of COVID-19. It is very important to keep yourself, employees and customers safe, especially in slippery locations that could lead to potentially serious injuries. We have never, and will never give up on increasing your safety at home, work, and play. Pools, Jacuzzis and other water filled swimming areas can often get very slippery. SAF-STEP is a long-lasting, adhesive backed tape … Anti-slip tape for pool use is often made of vinyl, though tape made with rougher, more durable materials like silicone carbide may be most suitable for docks that see heavy traffic. LifeGrip Anti Slip Traction Tape with Reflective Stripe, 4 Inch x 30 Foot, Best Grip Tape Grit Non Slip, … Due to this materials waterproof features (Please note: Aqua safe anti slip tape cannot be applied underwater or to wet surfaces), We decided to produce a special die cut range of Aqua safe anti slip discs and strips, perfect for applications in baths and showers, this way, no material will be wasted, and the application is much easier as there is no need for measuring and cutting. The most popular area where slips occur is on the steps of a pool. Many pools have acrylic steps that can be very slippery. Slip Grips are for underwater use; the non-slip treads bolster safety and provide a non-slip footing in particularly slick areas. SAF-STEP / FLEX-STEP. Bonding Nonskid Strips to Pool Steps. Product Overview VersaTape is an extra heavy duty patch and repair tapes that can be applied on wet (underwater) or dry surfaces. This material when wet or dry has a CoF ( Coefficient of Friction) which meets all standards, ensuring a strong grip. The process of applying our non-abrasive range of materials is very simple, however each step is very important as it will give your material its longest life when applied correctly. Free shipping . SAF-STEP / FLEX-STEP. The tape feels similar to a rubber which … WARNING ANTI-SKID TAPE. Perfect for high traffic areas, it provides anti-slip protection on pool steps, stairs, ramps, and slippery work areas. Talk to us about Non-Slip products in South Africa. Tiles around the pool, we have a Non-Slip solution for you. NON-SLIP TAPE. Browse anti-slip mats, tread, tape, and tiles for your home, vehicle, and work space. It is constructed in a way that is kind to bare skin, as its embossed, rubber-like texture allows for slip prevention even when subject to moisture. Our 6 inch by 24 inch water resistant coarse grit anti-slip tape ensures safe footing for your patrons. 25mm x 18 Metre Anti Slip Tape - Swimming Pool Grade PSA051A is ideal as an Anti Slip Tape for any wet areas such as swimming pools and washing facilities, as grip tape for pool steps, an underwater … When wet or dry, Aqua Safe meets all standards. Sorry, no videos are currently available for this product. Fortunately, Heskins took the initiative to create a few products that could help to reduce slip and fall accidents caused by those. $7.95. Plus, they are the perfect safety addition on vinyl and fiberglass pool steps. Combines a cushioned surface with excellent slip-resistance in an anti-slip tape. Due to high demand for this tape in specific appli­cations, we decided to produce an off the shelf range of die cut strips and disks in white and transparent – perfect for an easy application without the hassle of measuring and cutting. For FREE floor safety advice, CLICK HERE Anti-Slip Tape & Non-Slip Stair Treads (8) Anti-Slip … Adheres to Most Surfaces. This adhesive-backed tape is easy to apply to any smooth, clean, dry surface. This can be caused by algae build up, water mold, over-use of sunscreen, smoothness of the steps/­siding, and so much more! With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to prepare your swimming areas and keep those using it safe. Anti-slip adhesives are … Non-abrasive and provides great grip. Marine: Marine Grade anti slip tape is actually considered a semi-abrasive product. CROC grip™ anti slip tapes are perfectly suited for – high traffic paths and stairs – to boats, caravans and campers – to even low light emergency and fire escapes. Our floor tape adheres to all clean, smooth, even, and non-porous materials, whether they are indoors or outdoors. Often, this is discovered after the pool is filled and owners want to fix the problem without the time and expense of draining the pool… Aqua safe anti slip tape is a completely waterproof grip tape, allowing the material to be applied in areas where abrasive anti slip tape cannot, swimming pools, showers, baths and bathrooms, restaurant kitchens and more. Abrasive materials are notoriously hard to clean, due to their peaks and troughs throughout the material, which makes them unsuitable for certain applications. Each of our materials must be applied to a clean and dry surface. We can supply both of these materials in various colors and sizes. Other areas of application may include pool ledges, handrails leading into the pool or even surfaces surrounding swimming areas.­. There are several areas of a pool where our materials can be applied. $19.96. After 10-15 minutes, the solution then will shrink into place effectively pressing the material into place and holding it firm. Our most popular is known as Edge Fix Sealer, which applied along the substrate and the tape. Aqua Safe: Aqua Safe was one of our first waterproof products. Anti Slip Tapes are designed ideally for any wet areas such as swimming pools, underwater non-slip tape, underwater grip, pool steps, and washing facilities, and will help to prevent any unwanted slipping that could be potentially dangerous… Aqua safe anti slip tape is a completely waterproof grip tape, allowing the material to be applied in areas where abrasive anti slip tape cannot, swimming pools, showers, baths and bathrooms, … COLOR-STEP NON-SLIP TAPE. Please keep in mind thought that these materials cannot be applied underwater. Online and in-store. This material is comparable to a 60grit abrasive material, however its non-abrasive construction makes it bare skin friendly. ... Non-Slip Pool … We cannot guarantee the life/­warranty of the materials if fully submerged for extended periods of time beyond this. We manufacture Coarse resilient in roll widths up to 52”, and up to 60ft in length. Please subscribe to future blog posts and newsletters here. We have received several inquiries about the need to eliminate slip and fall accidents in and around swimming pool areas. We stock 3M, Handi Treads, EZYGRIP and more. Our non-slip products are constructed with a strong adhesive, conditioned to adhere to applications that will be subject to water. Our water resistant anti slip materials mentioned above have been tested at half-tide for 6 months in water and 6 months out of water. 60 foot rolls of a soft, rubbery texture tape for bare feet. Due to high demand for this tape in specific appli­cations, we decided to produce an off the shelf range of die cut strips and disks in white and transparent – perfect for an easy application without the hassle of measuring and cutting. Make sure to keep yourself, friends, family and customers safe this swimming season by applying one of Heskins non-abrasive anti slip solutions. But what really seems to get the attention of pool installers and technicians is how unbelievably easy the H2O Glue slip … Bath Tub Anti-slip Discs - Non Skid Adhesive Shower Stickers Appliques Treads. For more information, or if you are interested in receiving samples, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form, live chat or phone. Useful for added non-slip safety in baths, showers, wet rooms and boats. Due to the colors we offer, aqua safe can be applied without being noticed, making your protection not change the aesthetics of your vehicle, or can depending on your color preference. Coarse Resilient: Coarse Resilient anti slip tape is suitable for potentially high-risk locations. If its at home, in a public space or … $9.98. One thing that makes this product stand out among others is that it has been tested and guaranteed 100% resistant to salt. It is available in 60ft rolls up to 60ft in length and can be cut anywhere from 1” up to 47” wide. A wide variety of anti … This product range is available in sizes ¾” wide up to 42” wide, and up to 60ft in length. Great grip tape for areas where workers may be standing for long periods of time, pool decks, … This is good as many pool owners are starting to lean towards salt water pools. Our pool deck coatings are easy on the feet, giving them a smooth (yet still non-slip) surface while also padding the feet from the painful surface that is untreated concrete. Flex-Tread Anti-Slip Roll – 2 in x 60 ft roll Item #12-406 Flex-tread safety strip is easy to use self-adhesive, non-skid strip and a quick solution to wet swimming pool decks and […] That is why Heskins has manufactured and tested several non-slip materials suited for applications subject to water. It’s plastic construction ensures dimensional stability, then the surface is embossed to create a texture to prevent slips. This material is created by using rounded granules known as S2. They must be applied to a clean, dry surface. One great benefit of Aqua Safe is that its lack of peaks and valley (which abrasive material possess) makes this material extremely easy to clean if necessary. Also very practical for applying on walking areas and food preparation areas in restaurants or at home. This product has a bit more of a smooth finish, while still holding non-slip properties. Clark Weekly Ad - AceHardware - Let Ace Hardware provide you with great hardware products and advice from our official online home. Be the first to review “Barefoot Aqua Safe Anti Slip Tape – Soft Cleanable Traction (60ft Rolls)”, Barefoot Area Waterproof Rubber Anti Slip Strips (Pack of 5). GLOW-TRED NON-SLIP TAPE. Aqua safe anti slip tape is a standard non abrasive tape, suitable for areas exposed to water. concrete pools, and gunite pools. Aqua safe is the original non abrasive waterproof anti slip tape, and the basis for many other material ideas. Whether you are looking for paint, lawn & garden supplies, hardware or … Aqua safe anti slip tape is a standard non abrasive tape, suitable for areas exposed to water. Peva rubber antislip waterproof tape for pools or bathroom for masking bath shower steps boats ladders and workshop peva anti slip tape US $0.90-$1.00 / Piece 1 Piece (Min Order) We apologize for this inconvenience and encourage you to check back as we will update our site as soon as inventory becomes available. A brand new application we have found for aqua safe anti slip tape is as a gravel guard, Gravel guard is aqua safe applied to a motorcycle, truck, boat, canoe, bicycle, kayak keel or car which stops gravel from creating scratches or punctures on the vehicles bodywork. SlipDoctors Outdoor Black Anti-Slip Safety Tape 4 inch x 15 feet, Highest Traction Strong Adhesive, In… This allows the material to be kind to bare skin and is very easy to clean! This means the water must be drained, making now the perfect time to get your pool ready! Bonding Non-Skip Tape to Pool Steps Underwater. Often at times, this material is placed on pool steps, however it can also double as a waterproof handrail grip for getting in and out of the pool. Heskins non-abrasive anti slip tapes are used in many applications throughout our environment to increase safety.

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