There are six different phases used during a full software quality assurance test cycle. Test Planning is the most important phase of Software testing life cycle where all testing strategy is defined. Update the project plan as needed to reflect such events as changes in deadlines or available resources. Nonetheless, the project result benefits when its future users are also invited. Project Management in Software Testing. Testing Phase of SDLC. The Project Management Institute (PMI) originally developed these five phases. This is the start of the project, and the goal of this phase is to define the project at a broad level. As a point of departure, it is helpful to make a habit of organising meetings with all concerned parties during the definition phase of a project. Similar to sample products, construction and engineering projects will need to go through testing and evaluation phases. Stages of Software Testing Whilst I hate all the stages of software testing in a project, I do feel a little sorry for testers. Depending on the characteristics of your project, you may already have created an initial Testing Strategy in the Analysis Phase and a Testing Plan in the Design Phase. This is the time when all of the systems are checked, such as the electrical, IT, and security. This phase is also called as Test Strategy phase. Software testing is the thorniest phase of a software development cycle – and a lot of pressure and frustration is very likely if testing is not methodical. Develop a project plan showing the phases, tasks, and resources. Just like developers follow the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) likewise testers also follow the Software Testing Life Cycle which is called as STLC.It is the sequence of activities carried out by the testing team from the beginning of the project till the end of the project. Full functional and GUI testing should be performed, and all founded defects should be documented in a bug-tracking system. Therefore, you can define software testing as a project, and use project management principles and tools to manage it effectively. It defines the objective & scope of the project. This phase usually begins with a business case. Project sponsors and other important stakeholders due diligently decide whether or not to commit to a project. Testing Process and Debugging Phase. In this phase, the Test Manager is involved to determine the effort and cost estimates for the entire project. The testing phase of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) is where you focus on investigation and discovery. The first is the Static Testing Phase which verifies that the requirements and specifications are thorough, complete, and make sense for the goal of the product. Phase Four. Project Initiation Phase – a project is formally started, named, and defined at a broad level during this phase. Completed Projects. Project Managers should plan for between 30% to 70% of a project's effort to be expended on verification and validation activities, including testing (Perry 2000). Testing Phases. For this, it’s important to get acquainted with the different stages of software testing. The client, who pays for the project, is indeed invited to collaborate on the requirements during the definition phase. You would have already performed initial unit testing in the Construct Phase. Similar to any software development activity, software testing has a definite start date and an end date. Now, you are ready for the standalone testing process that belongs in the Test Phase. We have here a very simple and yet effective five stage model for testing software. This is when you will research whether the project is feasible and if it should be undertaken. At this step, you should perform tests whether they were or were not performed during the previous phases of the life cycle.

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