Simulation results demonstrate the proposed location aided DNN channel estimation can achieve lower normalized mean square error (NMSE), while providing intelligent CE with lower complexity. Channel State Information (CSI)-based indoor Angle of Arrival (AoA) localization has gradually become a hot research direction. For more details please click Instruction for Virtual Session Participation – Session Chairs.pdf. Optical networks with MEC is considered a promising candidate to meet the demanding bandwidth and latency requirements of future communications. SDN controller dynamically adjusts the task computing mode and resource allocation scheme to meet the users' needs. ²è¿›å…¥IEEE会议列表! We first show a lightweight encryption scheme based on integer vector homomorphic encryption (IVHE), which is used to encrypt plaintext ML-INT data. IEEE ICC 2020 - Featuring the latest developments in telecommunications from a technical perspective. To address this issue, this paper proposes an Interactive Attention Encoder Network Model with Local Context Features (IAEN-LCF) for identifying aspect-level sentiment polarity. Meanwhile, it prevents unauthorized accesses to certain the security of data. In this case, device detection is the first critical problem to be solved. Finally, numerical performance evaluation validates our traffic optimization scheme and re-route policy. Notification to Authors: from April 5 th, 2020. Since its commencement in 2012, the ICCC conference has grown steadily from a brand new conference with a strong vision, to a unique venue in bringing toge. Next, the effective data of farm monitoring devices (FMDs) is maximized by jointly optimizing computing and communication resources allocation and the deployment of UAVs. Thank you for attending ICCC 2020 online! The model simulates the non-stationary characteristics of the channel during the switching of the antenna array and the movement of the transceiver, meanwhile, an array-time domain channel parameter evolution algorithm is applied to this new model. The transmission technology based on the traditional C-band standard single-mode fiber (SSMF) has approached its transmission capacity limit. The scheme uses a linear combination of orthogonal pilots to construct non-orthogonal pilots, which does not need to store the pilot codebook at BS. Afterwards, we propose a path following-based iteration algorithm to solve the original nonconvex optimization problem and finally obtain a suboptimal solution. 5 th International Conference on Computing, Communication and Security (ICCCS-2020) is a premier conference in the computer, communication and signal processing fields. The two schemes outperform in both throughput by nearly 8.5% and the number of users meeting GBR requirement by maximum 15.6% compared to an existing fairness scheme, SCMA-PF. Our method is simple, and a non-iterative which works by unfolding the potential of deep networks. At the same time, we know that terrestrial network components will have fundamentally physical limitations in providing coverage and accessibility needed in future networks. In this paper, we propose a three dimensional (3D) deployment approach for UAVs and analyze the system performance of finite UAV-enabled networks in which UAVs are equipped with BS. This conference will feature world-class plenary speakers, major technical symposiums, industry and academic panels, workshops, tutorials and invited tracks. The optimal policy is obtained in an online fashion with a high learning efficiency. — Through interactive perception fusion, it provides environment awareness of high-precision maps for autonomous driving. Further, we implement our backscatter in the FPGA hardware to evaluate the design. The experiment is done using Universal Kriging algorithm and Inverse Distance Weighted algorithm to interpolate the database with 30% sampling points. To deal with the complicated problem, we employ an alternating optimization method to divide the primary problem into two subproblems. In cell-free massive MIMO system, active pilot attacks will seriously affect the uplink channel estimation and secure transmission. In this paper, a low complexity STSK dispersion matrix optimization scheme is proposed. From extensive experimental results, it is evident that the proposed approach still has high localization performance even when a large proportion of elements are missing in the EDM. — However, the existing through-wall human activity recognition method does not fully analyze the influence of the wall on the signal, which results in poor robustness of the Wi-Fi indoor human activity recognition system. In this paper, content caching in a cloud and fog heterogeneous cooperative manner for F-RAN is investigated. Simulation results exhibit that the DNN-based framework achieves better performance while maintaining low computational complexity compared with the traditional method in hybrid precoding. In this paper, a software-defined A2G framework is proposed to efficiently and flexibly select multiple ground base stations for data transmissions from a global perspective. In general, two factors influence the efficiency of resource allocation. Finally, the performance of the proposed model is verified in three public data sets. The registration for ICCC is now open. Proceedings of IEEE iCCECE'18 is available online in IEEE Xplore, indexed in ISI/Web of Science (WOS:000467634000007) as well as in Scopus.

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